Something about building a universe always get me excited. There are worlds to explore, creatures to flesh out, and new things to learn.

I happen to be fairly attached to the creatures. So many things out there use humans, giving them reasonable explanations of why they are so far from home or just letting them explore on their own.

Humans are easy. We understand them so well. Then we change them slightly for this or that – we add magic or abilities or knowledge. Sometimes we approach the beast inside, and sometimes we humanize the creatures.

The question I’m considering lately:
How do you make someone sympathize what’s inherently unhuman to make a worthy protagonist without making them human?

I’m just sure there has to be a way.

2 thoughts on “Universe

  1. You got great honest points here. I done a search on the issue and learnt most peoples will agree with your blog. One lady told me her daughter was being bullied to the point that she felt obligated to remove her from school and have her home schooled, and said that now her daughter is flourishing.

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