Almost there…

With only a couple days until I get my copy to review before publication, I’m sitting on pins and needles. I received the final copy of the cover. It’ll be up on the other page by the end of the weekend.

It seems to be moving so fast now. It’ll be done before I know it!

In other news, I’ll be finishing up my media kit so we’re ready to run with it when we make sure there are no flaws (read: as few as humanly possible).

I also want to have a book launching party. While it’d be easiest to do in Des Moines near where I live, I wonder about the best location. I think I might be able to do a reading at the library, but other than that I’m still thinking of ways to reach the people. The next question, of course, is when.

Then there could be an online aspect to a book launch. Could be a fun way to go. Again there is a timing issue.

After that, we shall see!

One thought on “Almost there…

  1. Exciting!

    If you have an online launch party you’ll have to let me know so I can arrange to be online (though chances are I’ll be online).

    And I have seen the cover. I spaced it when I responded to that one blog posting. lol

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