Something about building a universe always get me excited. There are worlds to explore, creatures to flesh out, and new things to learn.

I happen to be fairly attached to the creatures. So many things out there use humans, giving them reasonable explanations of why they are so far from home or just letting them explore on their own.

Humans are easy. We understand them so well. Then we change them slightly for this or that – we add magic or abilities or knowledge. Sometimes we approach the beast inside, and sometimes we humanize the creatures.

The question I’m considering lately:
How do you make someone sympathize what’s inherently unhuman to make a worthy protagonist without making them human?

I’m just sure there has to be a way.

Do you ever notice?

So many previews, so little time.

The new Star Trek looks cool. It makes me remember so many times I’ve watched them since I was young. So often the aliens looked just – like – us. Not always, but most of the time in the original series. There are small cosmetic changes between us and them, but not enough.

The newer series did better, though most of them seemd based on the same lines. I find it interesting, but we are somewhat limited in film for what we can realistically show. “Realistically” is probably not the right word, since so many things that happen on the silver screen are no more realistic than balancing a Chevy on my little finger. Even those that are not mean to be science fiction get a little hazy, as you’ll notice once you sit next to a literal-minded engineer in a theater during an action feature. (If you haven’t done it, you haven’t lived! Or, lived to be annoyed…)

I still wonder sometimes about the books that do make it to be movies in the science fiction genre. Many of them don’t translate well; others lose too much in translation to the visual art. Do you wonder if you want your creations mangled by a creative mind when it took so much of your time to build the written world? I think and imagine and still don’t have a good answer. Perhaps if I’m ever lucky enough to get an offer like that I’ll figure it out.