Book Update!

While I do not have an exact date for the book just yet, I did hear from my publisher today. Sounds like it is coming out this month!

It’s going to be exciting. There are still so many things to be done and planned. It’s hard to believe.

Beginning to work on a list for more research. I think my life has so many lists now.

Everyone is amazed when I say I’m having twins because I’m so small, I bet. Then I clarify one is a book and one is a baby… and they might both debut this month. It really does feel like twins.

I bet only authors and parents understand that, and I bet they could say it better. However, I’m pretty sure one takes more time and determination before the debut, and the other one will require much more later.

3 thoughts on “Book Update!

  1. Cool! Can’t wait to hear about both of them. I will definitely put a plug on my blog about the book. Just let me know! It should be a great March!

  2. Well I’m not a mother and not sure if I qualify as an author but I know what you mean. It is like you are giving birth twice this month.

    I can’t wait to get your book and that hope I am capable of doing such. Financial situations aren’t looking up yet but we’ll see. Can’t wait to see the cover online at least.

    And pictures of your bundle of joy will be fun to see as well, once Tempest rages out. 😉

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