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The Angeline Jellybean tour continues at Vivian’s blog today.

Participating in the tour, I’ve been thinking ahead to my own book. I will have a blog tour near its release date. I wonder who to include, how to get the word out, and where to get the niche audience who really wants my book. Finding all of that isn’t easy, but it also isn’t impossible.

(It better not be impossible, because I’m going to do it anyway!)

I’ve been reading up on things and figuring out how to do that. One resource to find blogs by category or country or on a global scale. This blog is ranked there! … I’m ranked below 19 million others, literally. I’m taking heart that I’ve only been blogging here for a few months and only very consistently this month as a reason to keep coming back.

One day I’d love to be able to connect the niche audiences to books they’d love but haven’t heard of yet. I love even more to write them, but reading a story is so much faster.

Check out your favorite blogs for their ranking and audiences at Alexa.

3 thoughts on “Blog Tours

  1. That’s great you’re thinking about who you want to be included in your blog tour, Ransom. I’ve been thinking that as well for mine, whenever my books finally come out.

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