Angeline Jellybean!

Everyone loves jellybeans, but probably none of them as much as Angeline. All she eats is jellybeans!

You’ll find out more during this tour about the author, Crystalee Calderwood, the illustrator, Stephen Macquignon; and the book, Angeline Jellybean! I have the feeling this book has given all of us jellybean fever – so watch out. It might not be contagious…

A little information about jellybeans:

  • Jellybeans emerged around 1900 with other shaped candies.
  • Former President Ronald Reagan’s favorite candy was the jellybean, which marked a resurgence in popularity and also brought a lot of gourmet or designer flavors.
  • Some manufacturers make formed shapes for holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.
  • Mostly, they’re part of Easter traditions and about 15 billion jellybeans are sold during the season.

Angeline Jellybean, the book: Publisher Site

As a picture book geared toward children 2 and up for listening and 1st to 3rd grade for reading, Angeline is going to get them thinking. It’s filled with beautiful pictures and a fun story to keep them entertained, as well. I received my copy earlier this month and am extremely happy with it.

Crystalee Calderwood: Website Blog

Favorite jellybean flavor? Cherry
Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
Favorite age of children to read to? Babies and Toddlers – the lap-cuddling age.
Favorite age of children to write for? 3-5 years, but I like to write for all ages.
What’s your next challenge? Revising and expanding my first YA novel and hopefully getting it published. I’m also working on a new website where kids can ask me questions about my writing, books, and send in their own work.

Stephen Macquignon:

Favorite jellybean flavor? If I had to choose one, it would be the black liquorish.
Favorite holiday? Halloween is my favorite. I used to love putting on costumes and going Trick or Treating with my friends.
Favorite age of children to illustrate for? I don’t have one. I enjoy working in all age groups. “Angeline Jellybean” is for children ages 2 and up, “Colors” that has just been published and is written by Danna Warren is for children no older than 7 years.
What’s your next challenge? “Would a Kangaraffee Make you Laffe” and I have two more  books in production “If Fish Could Drive” and “The Marshmallow Man” coming out in October 2009.

Make sure you check out the entire tour! Click for schedule.

14 thoughts on “Angeline Jellybean!

  1. Thank you for kicking off the Angeline blog tour! I did not know that President Reagan’s favorite candy. You learn something new every day!

  2. Ransom, what an interesting blog entry and start for the Angeline blog tour.

    Crys, I’m old enough to remember that President Reagan’s favorite candy was jellybeans. However, he was still a lot older than I.

    Hope everyone has fun on the tour.

  3. I’m glad you’re learning. I had fun finding out all this information! Make sure to follow at Viv’s site tomorrow for the next step.

  4. *giggles*

    Did you mean that jelly beans might be contagious…”

    Very interesting facts indeed. I think the food network had a special on them once awhile ago.

  5. What interesting facts about jelly beans. The book sounds adorable. I’m adding it to my list for gifts for my grandkids.

  6. Angeline Jellybean is wonderful! Congratulations on the kick-off of the blog tour.

  7. Dawn, I mean the fever might not be contagious – well, because we see the book and keep talking about it! It’s definitely a cute read.

    Beverly, I hope your grandkids love it!

    Amy, Glad you stopped by!

  8. I really like jellybeans, especially the black licorice ones like Stephen. Though Jelly Belly makes the best out there. What would be really cool is to have a cross promotion of Angeline Jellybean and Jelly Belly!!

  9. Great to see you, everyone!

    Hey, Mark. I think that would be awesome, if only we could convince Jelly Belly!

  10. I liked how you made the interview seem a bit interactive and fun. Asking about their favorite flavored jellybean and all. This was different and very enjoyable. – E )

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