Graduate School

I wonder what it takes to go to graduate school for an MFA. I hear about people doing it, but while I looked into it, it’s difficult to know if I have what it takes.

I check out the question on the application. I did my undergrad in engineering, which means I haven’t studied much literature or writing in a college setting. Does that mean others have an edge? Possibly. I do know the program has admitted engineers and doctors before.

Friends who know others in the program say the most important part is the manuscript. I suppose that’s for the best, since it’s also the part that I feel most comfortable with. I know how to write. I know I have a lot to learn, which is why I’d like to try grad school.

A friend of mine once said his trouble submitting things wasn’t whether he was good or not. He knew he was good. He just wasn’t sure if he was good enough. Good enough meaning to not be ridiculed with his submission to editors who read far too many pieces to be kind when someone can’t follow rules. I prefer to think of it that way, rather than that some of the writings from others are so awful as to be only fodder for jokes. (But in my head I know both are probably the case.)

3 thoughts on “Graduate School

  1. I have a BFA in creative writing and while I have considered getting an MFA I think that all that would qualify me to do that I don’t do already is teach at the college level and, quite frankly, I don’t want to do that. I do think the feedback would be nice however.

  2. Submitting a manuscript is terrifying….recently I wrote a cover letter for a job…and I was scared to send it in..Can you imagine?!
    nervousness regarding the whole submission process…it buries you.

  3. There are many pros and cons of graduate school, many more than I can get into here. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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