The Art of Science: Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone for following along. I hope you had fun and learned something. I think we covered most aspects of the book. Someone’s going to review it for me, soon.

It was also brought to my attention that amazon lacks a description of the book, so that will be remedied as soon as I figure out how to change that.

I’ll be gathering the commenters information to get the drawing. Stay tuned!

Those three who called me a mentor this week have all helped me out in my writing, too. We’ve made a lot of progress on several projects together.

The Art of Science: Day 6

See great behind-the-book information with Crystalee at Crystalee Calderwood – Writer and Poet.

Reading and revising this book so much before it came out brings up memories from when I was in junior high. No, this isn’t based on my life, but I did try to incorporate things I remember being good and bad.

I also remember where I was when I was physically writing it. Forgot to add that to the ‘do you know’s’ when Crystalee asked. I had a lot of business trips with one co-worker during the time I was finishing the rough draft. So, I wrote in the car (longhand, since I didn’t have a laptop) while he drove, though I forget our actual destinations (perhaps Ohio?). I wrote on a chartered jet when we went to Canada, too.

He got used to me writing randomly, even seemed proud that I used his (first) name as one of the last names of my characters. I lost touch with him after we both left my former employer. He was pretty cool.

After I picked up my friend at the airport Saturday night, we talked about this book and now I’m thinking about writing more in this genre (mainstream young adult) or possibly middle-grade.

But first I need to figure out how to write and also take care of my child! Stay tuned here for a wrap-up tomorrow. Will also announce the winner of the free book by the end of the week.

The Art of Science: Day 4

Continuing on the tour, see more about the book at VBT- Writers on the Move from Karen.

Does the audience have any questions? Sometimes I’m just curious what readers are thinking. (Those are the days I’m not wondering just who’s reading this blog, anyway!)

Yes, I am still taking entries for the giveaway for people who comment on today’s post, even if it isn’t listed. I apologize for the earlier link not working – it’s been fixed now.

The Art of Science: Day 3

See what Shanachie has to say at Livejournal.

Or, see the two of us try to figure out a good story for how we met. That’s always a worthwhile venture! The font is a little troublesome until you hit the comments page, so please hang in there until she fixes it.

So many of us have great stories for how we meet people, it seems odd that both of us can’t remember. We share our lives in stories, some fictional and some not – and some of them a curious blend between the two. Do you remember how you met all your friends? Some of them might be a long distance off in memory and faded. A couple outrageous ones are unforgetable. (Like that time one of my friends hit me with her flag pole – on my head! That hurt, but we became great friends.)

I try to bring that richness of experience to my writing. You’ll have to stay tuned to let me know if I’ve succeeded.

Schedule for Blog Tour

Beginning May 20, learn more about The Art of Science! The blog tour will show more about the book and probably a bit more about the author.

May 20 – Vivian Zabel at Brain Cells and Bubble Wrap

May 21 – Jamie Eyberg at A Continuity of Parks

May 22 – Shanachie at Ramblings of a Confusted Writer’s Mind and Quill, Parchment, and Ink – Writings and Ramblings

May 23 – Karen at VBT – Writers on the Move

May 24 – Nancy Famolari at Nancy Famolari’s Place

May 25  – Crystalee Calderwood at Crystalee Calderwood, Writer and Poet

I will be giving away one copy to a lucky winner drawn randomly from comments, so be sure to leave an email address for contact information.

For an additional chance, check out giveaways!

Coming Soon!

Everything you wanted to know about The Art of Science – well, except to read full book – in the form of a blog tour, beginning May 20th. The schedule will be posted at the beginning of next week.

I also have a blog interview scheduled for June 24th with Katie Hines.

Looking into ordering some business cards and post cards to promote the book, as well. I’ll need to put my plan together for appearances. Details to follow.

Blog Tours

The Angeline Jellybean tour continues at Vivian’s blog today.

Participating in the tour, I’ve been thinking ahead to my own book. I will have a blog tour near its release date. I wonder who to include, how to get the word out, and where to get the niche audience who really wants my book. Finding all of that isn’t easy, but it also isn’t impossible.

(It better not be impossible, because I’m going to do it anyway!)

I’ve been reading up on things and figuring out how to do that. One resource to find blogs by category or country or on a global scale. This blog is ranked there! … I’m ranked below 19 million others, literally. I’m taking heart that I’ve only been blogging here for a few months and only very consistently this month as a reason to keep coming back.

One day I’d love to be able to connect the niche audiences to books they’d love but haven’t heard of yet. I love even more to write them, but reading a story is so much faster.

Check out your favorite blogs for their ranking and audiences at Alexa.

Angeline Jellybean!

Everyone loves jellybeans, but probably none of them as much as Angeline. All she eats is jellybeans!

You’ll find out more during this tour about the author, Crystalee Calderwood, the illustrator, Stephen Macquignon; and the book, Angeline Jellybean! I have the feeling this book has given all of us jellybean fever – so watch out. It might not be contagious…

A little information about jellybeans:

  • Jellybeans emerged around 1900 with other shaped candies.
  • Former President Ronald Reagan’s favorite candy was the jellybean, which marked a resurgence in popularity and also brought a lot of gourmet or designer flavors.
  • Some manufacturers make formed shapes for holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.
  • Mostly, they’re part of Easter traditions and about 15 billion jellybeans are sold during the season.

Angeline Jellybean, the book: Publisher Site

As a picture book geared toward children 2 and up for listening and 1st to 3rd grade for reading, Angeline is going to get them thinking. It’s filled with beautiful pictures and a fun story to keep them entertained, as well. I received my copy earlier this month and am extremely happy with it.

Crystalee Calderwood: Website Blog

Favorite jellybean flavor? Cherry
Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving
Favorite age of children to read to? Babies and Toddlers – the lap-cuddling age.
Favorite age of children to write for? 3-5 years, but I like to write for all ages.
What’s your next challenge? Revising and expanding my first YA novel and hopefully getting it published. I’m also working on a new website where kids can ask me questions about my writing, books, and send in their own work.

Stephen Macquignon:

Favorite jellybean flavor? If I had to choose one, it would be the black liquorish.
Favorite holiday? Halloween is my favorite. I used to love putting on costumes and going Trick or Treating with my friends.
Favorite age of children to illustrate for? I don’t have one. I enjoy working in all age groups. “Angeline Jellybean” is for children ages 2 and up, “Colors” that has just been published and is written by Danna Warren is for children no older than 7 years.
What’s your next challenge? “Would a Kangaraffee Make you Laffe” and I have two more  books in production “If Fish Could Drive” and “The Marshmallow Man” coming out in October 2009.

Make sure you check out the entire tour! Click for schedule.

Looking Forward!

My good friend and fellow author at 4RV Publishing, LLC, Crystalee Calderwood, will be my guest to kick off her blog tour on December 28th! I’m really excited to host her and her new picture book, Angeline Jellybean.

The other stops on the tour:

Vivian Zabel at -December 29th
Laura Peters at -December 30th

Elysabeth Eldering -December 31st

Susan Thompson at – January 1st

Sarah Adkins at -January 2nd

Lea Schizas at -January 3rd

Crystalee Calderwood at -January 4th.

All hosts plan something a little different and there might be incentives, so make sure you check out all the posts. Also, comment so we know you’re here. I heard the illustrator, Stephen MacQuignon, may be hanging around at that time. I hope he’s also available for questioning. (Wait, I don’t mean that in a bad way: “So, Stephen, where were you on the day Angeline Jellybean debuted on Amazon?”)

Midnight Hours Blog Tour has the schedule for this blog tour, beginning today and running through the week.

This book is written by Vivian Zabel. I read the short story that she wrote first, and it’s pretty amazing. The first stop is on Holly’s site, which gives a great premise and an author interview. She’s also planning a sequel, Darkest Before Dawn. Have to stay tuned for details!

One lucky winner this week will win an Amazon gift card.