The Art of Science: Day 3

See what Shanachie has to say at Livejournal.

Or, see the two of us try to figure out a good story for how we met. That’s always a worthwhile venture! The font is a little troublesome until you hit the comments page, so please hang in there until she fixes it.

So many of us have great stories for how we meet people, it seems odd that both of us can’t remember. We share our lives in stories, some fictional and some not – and some of them a curious blend between the two. Do you remember how you met all your friends? Some of them might be a long distance off in memory and faded. A couple outrageous ones are unforgetable. (Like that time one of my friends hit me with her flag pole – on my head! That hurt, but we became great friends.)

I try to bring that richness of experience to my writing. You’ll have to stay tuned to let me know if I’ve succeeded.

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