During Naptime

To see my first installment at Novelspot’s Behind the Scenes, click here.

It’s much harder to write when the baby falls asleep on your arm. She’s warm and snuggled in and not moving until she wakes up- which means my arm will be numb. It’s getting close now.

The fun part about the baby napping in your lap is a bubble of calm settles over both of us. If only my other hand were free, I could type like there were jumping beans in my fingers. Except, you know, hitting the correct keys.

I’m back to getting through my library books and finding snippets of time to write around the domestic distractions. I also need to dig out my notebook for the lists and update them for the new week.

New weeks are good, but they fly by. I had a wonderful weekend and now I need to catch up. Good Monday to you all, I hope.

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