I find it so difficult to start a new year with resolutions, and yet I keep doing it. This year has been difficult because of a flu, so I allowed a delay for the start of all the new things I want to do. 

There are always things I want to do. There are a lot of things that don’t get done that I intend to do, but that’s just a regular day. Finally this week I dug out my notebook and made a list. All right, it might have been a shopping list in one column and a list of chores on the other side, but steno books are great for two-column lists and it helped me focus. 

The other thing I did was get out a composition book for each project I am working on. One of them is for reading books and notes on things that I read about writing or other things. It helps, though it is cumbersome to drag them all up or down the stairs. It makes me wonder why I can’t work on just one project at once. 

I’m also neck-deep in notes for a project I’ve been working on for three years. That doesn’t seem like a lot to say, but it feels like forever. I want this one off my docket and out for publication this year, so I need to keep moving on the notes front and rewrite the thing. [This one also adds a three-inch binder to the pile of composition books. I bet I look funny grabbing out my pile of books when the kids go to bed.]

No wonder I’ve simply been leaving them in the other room. The new habit to cultivate is to get one out every night and work on it. I also resumed my 750words a day. I missed one day this month, but it feels better to work out my little brainstorms that way. Missing last month I felt like I couldn’t focus on a thing (even though I gave myself the month off in order to get other things done – none of them really got completed).

More coming soon. Hope the new year is happy for you and that many good resolutions work their way into good habits.

During Naptime

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It’s much harder to write when the baby falls asleep on your arm. She’s warm and snuggled in and not moving until she wakes up- which means my arm will be numb. It’s getting close now.

The fun part about the baby napping in your lap is a bubble of calm settles over both of us. If only my other hand were free, I could type like there were jumping beans in my fingers. Except, you know, hitting the correct keys.

I’m back to getting through my library books and finding snippets of time to write around the domestic distractions. I also need to dig out my notebook for the lists and update them for the new week.

New weeks are good, but they fly by. I had a wonderful weekend and now I need to catch up. Good Monday to you all, I hope.