Magazines for Perusal

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I have magazines floating around the house. I mean to read them, but somehow I usually pick up a book instead. Not always.

With the new e-reader, I was checking out Google Books (imagine that!) and I found several magazines ready to read. They weren’t the newest editions – I think the latest was about a year old.

Another thing about Google Books is the abundance of books – but most of them are previews only. This is cool that you get to read a few pages before you purchase, but also a bit disappointing when you find a book you really want to see more of and you can’t.

I know, you’re supposed to buy it, but we can’t all buy as many books as we’d want to read. I’m sure I’d go broke if I tried.

Back to the magazines, I find I can link them and email them, but I can’t download them to the e-reader. It’s not in the proper file type for mine, anyway. Perhaps because of the high picture content?

I’m still glad I can look at them online. Maybe soon they’ll let us subscribe to them that way and read them on readers. Oooh…

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