Football Season Begins

All right, technically I know it began last Thursday. For my team, it began today. Not that I watch a lot of football. It’s an interesting game that I don’t know all the rules for, yet. Will I ever figure them out? Probably not!

One of the things I used to look forward to during football season was hanging out with friends before, after, and even during (for those who don’t have tickets). Now that we’ve moved farther away from the Hawkeye Mecca of Iowa City, we have the Big Ten Network and my husband watches religiously.

I think I’ll have to set myself in a quiet place and write. My daughter seems to like watching football so far (crazy kid) so I’m hoping she’ll be able to hang out with Daddy and I can get things done.

Things like writing, not cleaning – the kitchen floor just doesn’t scream ‘clean me’ while the game is on. Well, really, it’s a wood floor. It doesn’t scream anything.

2 thoughts on “Football Season Begins

  1. I had a elementary school PE teacher who took us girls out to the parking lot and taught us to play flag football. She said, “You’ll be in high school one of these days, going to football games, and I want you to have an idea of what’s going on.”

    With two sons who played, three grandsons who do, and a husband who loves to watch games on TV or anywhere, I’m very thankful.

  2. That’s awesome, Vivian! The first time I learned anything about football, I was a freshman in high school and sitting in the bleachers as part of the marching band, listening to the guys next to me patiently answer my questions. We were a bad team, too, so a lot of things never came up.

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