It shouldn’t amaze me about the mistakes plastered everywhere. Facebook  is full of errors that make me cringe, and I’ve come to expect that from the majority of the users. People who can’t tell a plural from a possessive seems the least of the concern there. Typos multiply like rabbits and there are a few posts I have serious trouble reading.

I know I’m a writer and somewhat snobby where grammar is concerned, but my Twitter page has fewer errors. (Probably because I’ve been following writers, a few friends who know how to string a sentence together, and some publishing professionals.)

What is it about a public page that people feel free to express themselves but don’t care enough to be understood?

Then I think about it, and I truly hope that the masses don’t degrade the language farther that an apostrophe may be used to make a word plural, exchange you’re and your as if they mean the same thing, and drop random letters if they don’t match the pronounced word.

I’m a snob. I’ll admit it. My grammar isn’t perfect, but I do my best and I appeal to higher knowledge bases when I have questions.

6 thoughts on “Grammar

  1. Often times I’m amazed at my own mistakes. I’ll even use the wrong their/there/they’re. I know the difference between them but sometimes what I think and what my fingers type are not the same thing.

  2. Facebook mistakes really do make me cringe. I have some ‘friends’ who I used to babysit and are not in college. I can’t read half of their posts.

  3. Even as I wrote that I had a mistake, darned fingers, it is ‘they are NOW in college.” *walks away grumbling*

  4. I agree, and I am VERY GUILTY! I am the WORST typist in the world…darn Dude and his non-teaching approach to computer usage! 🙂 I also feel guilty when I find my grammatical usage mistakes and I know Daisy would be saying…”sentence fragment!” constantly to me. I notice it more when talking with someone who has “seen a new truck in the yard” or “I left it off at your house this morning.” Seriously, Shelby County Private School is not know for giving a “good” education, but they are “good” people! 🙂
    P.S. I Spell and Grammar check all posting from here forward! 🙂

  5. You’re not doing too bad, then. Two thumbs up for checking posts before making them public!!

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