Another Rejection

Such is the lot of a writer. Well, not every writer. I’m sure if I was one of those big names I wouldn’t have this problem, but they were all sitting where I am at one point in time.

I knew when I sent the story that it would be a long shot. I am of the opinion that one must aim high if ever to succeed. So, I didn’t make the cut this time. Perhaps next time.

It has a small flaw to be fixed that I found after I sent it. It’s always after that you find the little things, even with the aid of others. Next time – there is always next time.

9 thoughts on “Another Rejection

  1. Even professional writers get rejected all the time. I can think of two that I know who have recently not made the cut for magazines they wanted in just recently (and they make all of their money from their writing.) Aiming high is a good goal for any writer though. I should send more of my stories to professional paying markets.

  2. 18 more to go until I’m average… Yikes. It’s such a tough job. Here’s to the next one!

  3. I know all writers get rejected. And it is good to aim high, but lower marks too have things to offer.

    Maybe you and Vivian can get together and publish something again at her publishing house? Having friends is a good thing. That is sure way to get things out.

  4. I thought she did a collection a couple of times?

    If you do not mind me asking, where did you submit it to?

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