Picture Books

I’ve been thinking about these more often. I have some short flash fiction pieces and some poetry that I’ve thought could be good picture books lately.

Isn’t that funny how you can write for one audience, then transform it into a different one?

The flash fiction piece could go either way, adult or children’s, and I’m considering trying to spin both and see what I can do with it. The poem I was challenged at my writer group yesterday to make it unrhyming, and I realized it could also make a good picture book with that kind of rewrite.

Some of these seem to be overlapping forms. It’s neat to see where the words lead me.

2 thoughts on “Picture Books

  1. I’ve often thought a poem would make a great kid’s book. Just spread it out across the whole book, rather than one or two stanzas.

    Twas the Night Before Christmas was a poem fist, after all. And it is probably one of the most famous of all children’s books.

  2. That’s a very good point. I’ll just have to get to rewriting to see how it goes!

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