Geek Appeal

Excessive Gaming

I think a lot of things taken to excess can cause sleepiness, but I find it interesting that seven hours a week constitutes excessive gaming.

In other news, my friend’s baby shower last weekend had me thinking of fun things to write on onesies. Being me, I tried to make something funny and also fitting for the child. I know my daughter is doomed(?) to geekdom, and my friend’s son will be, too, most likely.

On the front:
“Nerd in Training”

On the back:
Several equations, such as E=mc^2. I wrote most of the Pythagorean theorem, but I had trouble remembering exactly how it went. Not that I wrote it wrong, just that it’s usually shown with certain symbols, and I didn’t use them.

My husband rattled it off to me when I proudly told him about the onesie. I almost had it. It’s not like I screwed up the units for gravity or anything. (That one I nailed.) I just don’t remember the last time I used it. And when you stop using something, you might forget.

I need to put up little memory boards on the walls in my office!

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