Becoming a “Real” Author

I know I said a couple days ago that getting a royalty check would help me feel like a real author, but it is difficult to know what will make me stop forgetting that.

The Art of Science was accepted for publication near the time “Qui’s Contract” was, creating a major impact on me.  I’d just turned thirty. I had been focusing on my writing much more in the previous year. Those two successes made me feel like I really was good enough to call myself a writer.

But I have learned one other thing on that journey. (Truthfully, I’ve learned tons, but one relevent to the topic.) Writers write. It’s what they do. It isn’t about finding time or ideas. If you have to do it, you do. I don’t mean anyone putting a gun to your head or anything, but a major piece of yourself is missing if you don’t do it.

I’ve heard people talk about writing as if it were easy and anyone could do it. Those statements are deceptive. While anyone might be able to do it, very few have the will and ability and drive to make it the kind of priority it takes to be good. I have the will, but still learning so much.

One thought on “Becoming a “Real” Author

  1. That’s a very good point. I don’t feel like a writer when I haven’t written much, current dilemma. Though I’ve started doing freelance work and less fiction. I have been reading Art of Science, almost done with it. 😀

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