Do you ever notice that some authors seem to follow the same type of plot? Looks something like a formula, but if it sells, it works, right?

One of my favorite authors has something like a pattern in one of her series. I started a book in another series, but the similarity to the other books was presented in a more pronounced manner. I can see why it has turned some friends off the book. I’m still debating whether to continue.

It might be easier to turn out novels if one follows a formula. It also makes one expect certain endings upon beginning the book. Is that the way some authors get established, or is it only allowed after a name is made?

So much to think about…

3 thoughts on “Formula

  1. I don’t go for formulas myself. I suppose, to a degree, it can’t be helped. Sometimes we like to tell stories a certain way and to do it any other way seems foreign and uncomfortable. Then again, whatever works.

  2. Formulas certainly exist and I often resist reading another book by an author I liked when the formula starts to become too glaringly obvious.

    Do you think the author wants to follow a formula in order to make the books easier to write or do you think the publishers urge the author to write another book just like the last one?

    I think writers tend to be very creative and want to go in new directions but the publishers, being very conservative, hold them back.

    But whether it comes from the author or the publisher, the formula isn’t working if it puts you off reading the next book.

  3. Well, I’ve heard others who are fans of the author not like this particular book, but they never articulated why. It might be the publisher pushing for something more in that style.

    I’ll let you know if I ever develop a relationship like that!

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