Crowdtap – Old Navy Sample Share

[And it’s funny, because I don’t usually wait until the last minute to put things together, but I have this burning question from editing my novel – like where to introduce one character (chapter 1 or 2) and whether to introduce the other character at all as early as I do… Oh, the joys of editing! But I get to take a break and talk about something else a moment before diving back into those issues.]

As you know, I’ve been a member of Crowdtap for some time and I got another sample for Old Navy share last October. It’s been really fun to give some feedback and I have a couple Amazon gift cards from the experience. [Email me: noble.ransom (at) gmail (dot) com if you want more details or an invitation.]

I just got another one for two FREE t-shirts at Old Navy for me and a friend. It was great and we got to try them all on, though we were leaning heavily toward the Henleys to begin with. They feel great on, and while I originally worried the material was pretty thin, I have worn each of these shirts all day and they held up very well to the abuse of a typical day with a toddler (almost 3) and a breastfeeding newborn (2 months today).

My friend accompanied me with her 3 year old and her 7 month old. Since we met at parent-tot gymnastics just before my son was born, our two toddlers ran circles around us and helped themselves to the toys in the store. My friend and I took turns trying things on while the other kept an eye on the kids. Luckily the babies were on good behavior!

Here are the pictures of the shirts we decided on: 

The Henleys were a good option for me since I’m breastfeeding. I have a sling for my son and he likes being close and it keeps my hands free for my toddler. He can nurse in there, which is why I love buttons and nursing tanks. It was a little tricky the first time, but it’s getting easier each time we try it. Great easy style to be on the go. And I might be a stay-at-home mom (and writer) for a while, but that means I’m always on the go.

And her picks: 


Yes, you saw that right. We picked the same shirt. Great minds think alike, right? I’m sure one of these days we’re going to show up to our gymnastics class in the same shirt in the same color! She talked me out of the paler colors because they washed out my skin, which is a pity because sometimes it’s nice to wear those softer shades. Can’t argue with that logic, though, so I’m all ready for St. Patrick’s Day with my green Henley from Old Navy.

We both had a lot of fun and took our children to the park afterward to play. It reminded me that I haven’t had a lot of time to shop since my son arrived and it’s been good to get out and see where everything is – we moved to town 4 months ago and I’m starting to know my way around enough to not rely on the GPS every single time I get in the car.

Can’t wait to get back to Old Navy to see what else they have.

Mozart in the Future

Reviews for the Book:

By: Lady D in San Diego
The book begins in a small village in Vorarlberg where we meet
Max one of the main characters who loves to play the piano,
along with his mom and dad, a sister, too. This family has a
similar lifestyle as mine, the love of gardening, cooking and
preserving food. Right away Tania reveals to us the family
dynamics of a laid-back father, a strict mother who strongly
desires for her two children to be successful in music and a four
year old sister who adores her brother.
The main characters, Max and Mozart meet one another and
develop a beautiful exchange of friendship. Young readers will
stay captivated as the plot flows along in today’s world with TV,
cell phones, elevators and escalators. The boys seem to need
each other and the spirit of music inspires them both. This
wonderful book written by Tania is a powerful love story of
music and a fun adventure filled with imagination and
inspiration for all young musicians and music teachers to read.
I was so impressed with Tania’s detailed descriptions with her
writing skills! Page 44 reads: “Max takes him to a room where the piano is. Mozart runs to it like a person who has not had a drink for days and suddenly sees a jug of water.”
If you are a creative person in need of inspiration to continue
with your composing and practicing of your instrument or if you
find yourself performing in front of crowds of family and friends
with joy and strength from your heart and just need a reminder
of refreshment to keep dreaming, creating and shining brightly
for all to see, then I highly recommend this great book to you. It
is definitely one that I will want my piano students to have in
their library. You will want to find out if Mozart can return to
the past when the future is in his mind! I love music and I love
this book! 5+ *****
There’s a Torte recipe at the end of the book that you will enjoy,

By Glenda A. Bixler

What a wonderfully fun story–Mozart in the Future is not just for children who are interested in music! Written by Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters, with beautiful illustrations by Pedro Caraca, the story can help children and parents realize and finda balance of activities in their lives. I love children’s books that take special care to provide appropriate and complementary covers, artwork and format. Indeed Mozart in the Future does that extremely well. For instance, instead of boring quotation marks for dialog, every line that shows somebody talking begins with a musical note – Isn’tthat Cool? And the young Mozart is simply precious, in my opinion.Then you will meet The Spirit of Music, who comes first to Max, as a beautiful woman dressed in yellow, whose violet eyes and hair match! Max is a young boy who loves learning how to play the piano, but also wants to play with other children. However, his mother believes he is the next Mozart and must constantly practice! Until Max becomes ill and the doctor orders complete rest. It was during this time that The Spirit visited! Because she actually knew Mozart when he was a young boy–and guess what? Mozart had a very strict father who demanded the same thing from him–constant practice! And Mozart had never had an opportunity to have a friend or play, just for the fun of it! Until The Spirit of Music brought Mozart into the future! Can you imagine what two small boys might get into when they meet for the first time, having had no time to play, or have a close friend? Can you imagine what Mozart, especially, must have been thinking when he saw all the magical inventions that were now available? Well, you really don’t have to imagine–Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters, in Mozart in the Future tells us about Mozart watching TV for the first time, about his seeing an escalator, etc. But Mozart has a whole life of creating beautiful, wonderful music! How is he going to get back home, into his own time?You know what? I was having just as much fun reading this book, as you and your children will have! Yes, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas for any child, from say, 6 to 96! Bring a little music into the lives of your children… You’re going to love this one, just as much as I did! Don’t let this one go without checking it out!
About the Author:

Tânia Maria Rodrigues-Peters was born on a beautiful hot night in the summer time in 1964. She holds a professional teaching qualification in Artistic Education for pre-school children and completed a Media course in Publicity andAdvertising. She worked as a teacher in several schools teaching children from primary to high school level.

She won the first prize in a nation-wide travel diary competition of the Turismo Brasil Service Magazine and got 7th place in a short story competition in Spain.

After spending several years in Brazil, Germany, and Spain, she now lives in Vorarlberg, Austria with her husband and her three children.

Check out more about the book here.

Happy Holidays

I know. I’ve been AWOL for awhile. It’s totally my fault. I’m back now – does that count? Please?

Anyway, my daughter is trying to walk. Mobile baby is great for keeping me on my toes figuring out what she’s doing next. I am still writing. I finished NaNoWriMo again this year, and I’m nearly finished with the project.

There’s another project in my head that hasn’t sorted itself out yet. I get more and more details – soon I’ll be able to fill a notebook with parts of it. I’ll find the story in there somewhere. It’s just taking time to sift to the surface.

Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy the season and your family and friends.

Geek Appeal

I found two articles this week, so bear with me.

First: Women choosing less math-intensive fields due to family demands. Finally, research that recognizes the gender gap and gives a reason for it. I’m not surprised by this; it was one of the reasons I never really wanted to go into management. (At my last position, I just didn’t want to work for either of the guys I worked with more than I didn’t want to be a manager – not that the choice was offered to me.)

I knew in the future I wanted kids, and I know my husband loves his work. To balance, that meant I would be the one keeping the kids out of living in daycare. I didn’t mind it so much, but I also wanted to see if I could make the writing thing work when it happened. Best outcome, but I suppose I’m just proving their research. Women who are capable of math-intensive fields choosing to nurture family instead of burning corporate midnight oil.

Second: Forensic Research to be aided by Microorganism Growth

Can’t wait to see this one pop up on TV. I’m sure it’ll take some time to filter into mainstream usage and then to Hollywood, but it just looks cool. They say microorganisms grow at the same rate regardless of environment in corpses, which is good news to determining time of death. Just one more thing in the bag of tricks for scientists for explaining how things happened.

Holiday Madness

The traffic clogs the roads. Shoppers fill the stores. Lines at the post office stagnate.

Okay, my two visits to the USPS (or affiliated postal station) haven’t been that bad. Hoping to keep it that way!

As we finish our shopping, my husband left at the crack of dawn to get the few remaining gifts and let me sleep. Later we went out for breakfast and dodged people at every stop. It’s nice to be done and home.

Traveling gives me an excuse to focus on my writing projects since my husband would rather drive.

I’m amazed how many people rush through the frenzy to get ready to spend only a day resting with their families before beginning a new rush with New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe we just don’t know how to relax.