Crowdtap – Old Navy Sample Share

[And it’s funny, because I don’t usually wait until the last minute to put things together, but I have this burning question from editing my novel – like where to introduce one character (chapter 1 or 2) and whether to introduce the other character at all as early as I do… Oh, the joys of editing! But I get to take a break and talk about something else a moment before diving back into those issues.]

As you know, I’ve been a member of Crowdtap for some time and I got another sample for Old Navy share last October. It’s been really fun to give some feedback and I have a couple Amazon gift cards from the experience. [Email me: noble.ransom (at) gmail (dot) com if you want more details or an invitation.]

I just got another one for two FREE t-shirts at Old Navy for me and a friend. It was great and we got to try them all on, though we were leaning heavily toward the Henleys to begin with. They feel great on, and while I originally worried the material was pretty thin, I have worn each of these shirts all day and they held up very well to the abuse of a typical day with a toddler (almost 3) and a breastfeeding newborn (2 months today).

My friend accompanied me with her 3 year old and her 7 month old. Since we met at parent-tot gymnastics just before my son was born, our two toddlers ran circles around us and helped themselves to the toys in the store. My friend and I took turns trying things on while the other kept an eye on the kids. Luckily the babies were on good behavior!

Here are the pictures of the shirts we decided on: 

The Henleys were a good option for me since I’m breastfeeding. I have a sling for my son and he likes being close and it keeps my hands free for my toddler. He can nurse in there, which is why I love buttons and nursing tanks. It was a little tricky the first time, but it’s getting easier each time we try it. Great easy style to be on the go. And I might be a stay-at-home mom (and writer) for a while, but that means I’m always on the go.

And her picks: 


Yes, you saw that right. We picked the same shirt. Great minds think alike, right? I’m sure one of these days we’re going to show up to our gymnastics class in the same shirt in the same color! She talked me out of the paler colors because they washed out my skin, which is a pity because sometimes it’s nice to wear those softer shades. Can’t argue with that logic, though, so I’m all ready for St. Patrick’s Day with my green Henley from Old Navy.

We both had a lot of fun and took our children to the park afterward to play. It reminded me that I haven’t had a lot of time to shop since my son arrived and it’s been good to get out and see where everything is – we moved to town 4 months ago and I’m starting to know my way around enough to not rely on the GPS every single time I get in the car.

Can’t wait to get back to Old Navy to see what else they have.

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