Geek Appeal

I found two articles this week, so bear with me.

First: Women choosing less math-intensive fields due to family demands. Finally, research that recognizes the gender gap and gives a reason for it. I’m not surprised by this; it was one of the reasons I never really wanted to go into management. (At my last position, I just didn’t want to work for either of the guys I worked with more than I didn’t want to be a manager – not that the choice was offered to me.)

I knew in the future I wanted kids, and I know my husband loves his work. To balance, that meant I would be the one keeping the kids out of living in daycare. I didn’t mind it so much, but I also wanted to see if I could make the writing thing work when it happened. Best outcome, but I suppose I’m just proving their research. Women who are capable of math-intensive fields choosing to nurture family instead of burning corporate midnight oil.

Second: Forensic Research to be aided by Microorganism Growth

Can’t wait to see this one pop up on TV. I’m sure it’ll take some time to filter into mainstream usage and then to Hollywood, but it just looks cool. They say microorganisms grow at the same rate regardless of environment in corpses, which is good news to determining time of death. Just one more thing in the bag of tricks for scientists for explaining how things happened.

One thought on “Geek Appeal

  1. I wonder why my sister likes her management job. Pretty cool about the decomp thing. Weird how that works.

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