I finished the second draft* of my current book. I need a little bit of a break, and sometimes this is when I start to look at my other stuff.

I have a bunch of books. Few of them are finished. Part of me taking time right now is just figuring out where I am in the fifteen novels I have attempted, and whether I’m willing to put more work into them. (At least two of them I’m considering myself done with.) But the rest? I pulled out two. I read one, I’m making notes in the other, and I fell in love with both projects again.

When things are rough and I’m not sure where to go, it’s nice to just take time to remember my joy in creating. Soon I’m going to pick up the novel again and make it work.

*Note: while I’m calling it a second draft, it had a rough draft, then I gutted the middle and added more things, then for that ‘second’ draft I changed POV and smoothed the plot. I’m pretty excited about where it’s going, but I also ended up with about a novel’s worth of short stories from other characters’ point of view. It’s an interesting journey.

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