Editing… Writing… No, Editing…

I keep thinking I have an entire list of all the things I want to work into that book I’m working on, and then I think of one more. The latest addition is something I have been playing with because of one of the writers in my group.

I’m not sure it’s a great idea, along with half the things that come up during the twisting of an idea into something readable.

I’ve been itching to write something new. Something different. I love reading tweets about writing and writers- and so often they reference that plethora of ideas from that creative phase.

Why can’t even phase be that creative? That creativity is the part that allows me to push forward and through a rough draft. The editing is always harder, where it steals my focus and forever tangles my thinking of the story threads.

Since it can’t, I’ll celebrate the milestones. I’m still editing this book, which makes it the longest I’ve stuck to that project. I’ve been doing my 750 words for over 6 years, and will be hitting 2200 days in a row sometime this week and three million words not too long after that. Also, I read a book in two days (I’ve been in the car a lot recently not driving) and I’ve been reassessing my ideas about whether or not I write horror.

Of course, horror brings me back to the book and that newest story idea. I’ll leave a plot line somewhere in my parking lot for a short story when I need a break. It might even be horror.

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