New Year: Deep Thoughts


Yes, sometimes it is all madness in my brain. I’ve been thinking about the new year a bit, what i want to accomplish, what i think is important, and what i want to focus on.

So, today’s randomness: Why is it we’re focused on the sun side of the equation? Why is the new year arbitrarily only a little bit off from the winter solstice? Is it a mistake, or just an arbitrary day to say was first?

Why is it the Chinese New Year starts somewhere in January or February, depending on the moon? Why do some celebrate a new year starting around Halloween, and others celebrate several different new beginnings?

No one said it had to make sense.

I’m 93k into my current novel rewrite. I’m going to finish it, but I’m not sure when. It’ll help the kids go back to school Thursday. Tonight is for my random ‘new year’ thoughts and what I think I might accomplish other than this rewrite.

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