More Rewriting

I’m over halfway through my novel rewrite, but I just want to be done. I keep underestimating how much is left, and how long it’ll take me to finish it. Holidays provided an interruption, too, and I always forget about that.

I still worry about where this ought to be, and where that could be, and if this will be the right structure when I’m finished. Then I physically count how many pages are left to go through and I know I need to complete a lot more.

Today I’m staring at a conversation between two characters who are not my POV character and trying to figure out how to put that into my POV character’s view. It’s something I don’t want to lose in the rewrite.

Most of it has come together in a way that I like, that seems better than the last draft, that tells the story I hope to share. There are a lot fewer notes about in brackets and all caps that dotted the first draft. (I think there’s only two.) It’s been hard to stay focused on it, but I’ve been working on it nearly every day for the last few months. Will it be another month or two until I finish?

I feel like I’ve hit that second hard spot- where I’m ready to go on to another project and just let this one sit. That’s the hardest part about sitting down to write with it every day – that I just don’t want to continue with it but start on something else. Except I’m still sitting down to write it. What do you do when you hit those blocks?

At least when I’m finished writing for the day, I get to beta-read a friend’s novel. Can’t wait to promote it.


Yes, I nearly always rewrite with a copy of the old draft near me. For some reason physical copies help me move through the process, and no matter how many times I tell myself it’s the same digitally I stall.

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