How Long Can Seven Chapters Take?

I suppose the real answer is: forever if I do not work on them.
I’ve been playing around with the new Surface tablet. Just got the new “typing” cover, which means that while it is three times as thick as the touch cover, I can type nearly three times as fast and the thing is still pretty thin. Thinner than the first generation iPad my daughter loves to play with. Thinner than the second generation iPad that this thing is supposed to replace (with case and Bluetooth keyboard that I never did get accustomed to using).
Saw the commercial for the Surface since purchasing one, and I told my husband it looked like the pen was included, but it is not.
So tonight, after getting the kids to bed, I need to make it my goal to also finish editing at least one chapter. And tomorrow night, and the night after that. And by next week I will be finished with only that one subplot to stuff into the middle weave into the narrative.  
I know part of this is still the resistance to finishing the thing. It’s almost like I don’t want to send it out. Like I’m afraid it will get summarily rejected. That it isn’t good. That it isn’t good enough.
But good enough for what? It will soon be as good as I can make the story with the tools available to me. It is a good story. Definitely worth sharing. Or it will be when I am done.
Focus on the prize. I will finish it. I will share it. I will shop it out and stop letting this undercurrent of unknown undermine me.
In other news, my daughter seems to have stopped taking naps again. That might also explain a bit of my lack of progress, but maybe we can start running laps around the house (or the park) so she goes to bed earlier…

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