New Technology

Michelle Tuesday had a commentary about the recent uproar in the publishing industry about the future of writers, publishing, and royalties, but the part that really clicked in my head was when she referenced Who Moved My Cheese?

My husband bought me a new Microsoft Surface tablet for Mother’s Day. Yeah, it isn’t until next month, but he’s the kind of guy who likes to take advantage of triple points at Best Buy. Silly, huh?

I’ve been frustrated with it. The apps are different than the iPad I currently cling to. But is it like the mice and the humans and the cheese? Sometimes I resist the changes to new things. It’s not all bad to change platforms, but some of it just doesn’t transfer.

The worst part is typing. It’s something I had mostly given up on with the iPad. I can do it on the virtual keyboard. I have a Bluetooth option, but I don’t like how hard I have to push on the keys to register the movement. When I write, I like to follow where my thoughts are and I make my fingers keep up with the mess. Last November with NaNoWriMo, I was trying to get 3000 words in half an hour. I haven’t made that yet, but I might one day. With the Surface, I have struggled with the magnetic keyboard. I haven’t been able to break 40 wpm. The errors are atrocious. I hooked up my USB keyboard and things are looking up.

It’s enough to get over the worst of the frustration. But I also want to try other options than this keyboard with typing tests before I decide on which one I will be stuck with. Otherwise, I’ll probably have to drag a lovely USB option around to annoy my husband.

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