Old Navy and my birthday…

Wow, Old Navy brought another sample share in time for my birthday. Old Navy dresses are new and fun and definitely something to look into. 

There are four basic styles in their new winter line: fit and flare, sweater, jersey, and shirt. I hoped my sister-in-law would get a shirt dress that reminded me of the 70s with the pink and orange print, but she didn’t have anywhere to wear it. I love the orange fit and flare that I’m wearing in the photo, and I wore it again on my birthday to go out to lunch with friends. 

Another birthday flew by in the late part of November. I was busy writing another novel. Sometimes I wonder when I’m going to feel old, wonder when the numbers going up are supposed to bother me. I’m still in tiny numbers if you count my theory of “life begins at thirty.” 

Life is beautiful, and I feel more like that when I wear my new Old Navy dress! 


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