Sometimes, change is unavoidable. And I wonder if that is why so many people try to resist it. It also might have something to do with more than just wanting things to stay the same.

I know at some point we think that what is familiar is what is comfortable and that it can take a very strong force to move us. We get inertia to stick in our little ruts. 

Though I still wonder if there might be more to it. So many times we mark the first time and the last time. When we can point to the first time, even if we don’t necessarily know that it is something we want to continue, it gives context to the beginning. When we want change enough to overcome our current path, we mark the last time and move on. 

But some things we must take in stride. Things that are unexpected and for which we cannot plan. When we realize a last time passed without fanfare. When a missed first time becomes an only opportunity. 

[You might have expected something political here, but you can get commentary on that somewhere else today.] 

I’m over 15k into a new novel for NaNoWriMo. It’s exciting to dig into a new project. Yet there are always events hanging over our heads where we cannot make certain that the future can be exactly as we plan. It means we have to change. It means we have to act and react. Also, somewhere, to be thankful for that which we do have. 

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