Feeling Creative

I know it’s from an entire week of doing almost nothing but reading, writing, and critiquing. Almost nothing, because while I abandoned my family responsibilities I did call home twice a day to talk to my two year old. I think she appreciated it.

Having the focus and the deadlines made me do much more toward writing than I do in my normal life. I read every day, though it isn’t much. I write more often than not. [I know I’m supposed to say I write every day here, too, and I’m working on it. I’m on a 23 day streak at 750words and I wrote more than that most days of the class. Not quite every day, but I’m getting closer.]

I read a lot of excerpts and short stories I might not have found otherwise. I’m still working on organizing my list of books to read. I went to two readings at Prairie Lights, too.

During lectures sometimes I had to write down questions, little sparks of information that might turn into interesting stories. Probably will, but who knows when? It’s just a great week to start thinking about everything that everyday life seems to push to the side.

Which brings the inevitable spark of guilt about that novel I’ve been rewriting. The short story I’d like to keep a short story threatens to become another novel draft. Okay, it’d be a good novel, but I need another novel to write like I need a flat tire. Please, don’t let me be tempting fate with that statement because I still remember having issues with flat tires. Cross your fingers for me.

Sometimes I hear the clock ticking, like I need to be finished with this project or other by a certain date. I don’t like having so many projects unfinished. How many writing projects can one person juggle? And that one person better not be one of those machine-authors who has a couple books out a year. I think they must use interesting devices to play with time or not need sleep or something else out of a speculative fiction book.

How many writing projects can you handle? Do you make them wait their turn in line or do you let some of them skip the queue if they’re insistent? Maybe I’ll make them fight it out in my dreams or something and let the winner get written – even though that would totally be unfair to have a half-human fighter against some random teenagers. Of course, the teenagers have their own posses, so perhaps the better money would be on them.

I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. Happy writing to all.

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