The Summer Writing Festival

It’s been a blast so far, two and a half days down and three to go.

I went to a poetry reading last night, and the books piled on the counter make me wonder about how we’ll sign them when the naysayers get their way and we have ebooks. Will there be a way to digitally tag them? Will it matter when we meet the authors? What will they buy when they listen to us read?

It’s not today’s problem, and it’s supposedly better not to borrow trouble before you need to.

I finished today’s homework. It takes time to read all the stories and make comments. I have gathered a reading list that doesn’t include all the things I’ve encountered, but I’m working on it. I won’t finish it by Christmas, and I’m only halfway through the week.

The other writers around here are great. Some of them seem in awe about the science fiction writers in our class and ask things like how do we ever manage to come up with those ideas? One of them was from a really nice lady taking a class called “Write what you don’t know.”

It’s better than one student got from another session, with the writers there expecting a raygun because she wrote something speculative. Oy, rayguns!

I’m enjoying the focus on speculative writing. Some of them also love YA like I do, so it feels like I’m among people who understand why I’m drawn to it.

The pace isn’t what I’m accustomed to – since there’s a lot of mental things to do with writing assignments and critiquing, when my usual day is spent chasing a toddler. It’s fun, just different. So while I’m tired, I also get up the next morning excited to go. And missing my little girl, of course. Today marks the longest time I’ve been away from her. At least we get to chat on the phone.

Off for another day of learning. 🙂

One thought on “The Summer Writing Festival

  1. Received your e-mail requesting an invitation to link.
    I am a retired copyright editor, and author of the “Pinder
    Poet-Cherishing This Heritage,” and ” Come Taste The Sugarcane A View From The Staircase With Dialogue. I live in Clive.

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