The Buddy System

Writing is lonely. It makes sense for it to be that way. We create something in our heads and let it grow into a story, a poem, a song, or something else entirely. The solitary nature leads many to get our social fix by doing other things. Sometimes we interact with real people. [Oh, the horror?] In newer times we might get around that with Facebook or Twitter or some other outlet.

I think I’m missing a writing buddy. One thing I love about NaNoWriMo is the atmosphere. Many writers I know are all trying to write at least 50,000 words in a month. Everyone’s overflowing with energy and ideas. I like getting competitive with a friend of mine, daring each other to make the next 1,000 words faster.

It’s hard to keep up that kind of energy year-round and even harder to find someone on track with writing goals. What I really need right now is a rewrite buddy. I have a bunch of words that just need to be fixed. It’s not the same as pouring it out the first time. The project was completed, but now it needs focus and a little tweaking. has helped to get me to focus on pouring something new out. Yet I still find myself dragging my feet for editing and rewriting. The other drawback to 750 words is I do have to be self-motivated. I can’t pace myself against the same person day after day, though I can see who’s leading for the month.

Someone remind me that writing isn’t a competitive sport. It doesn’t matter how fast the words pour out, but I need to make consistent progress or I feel like I’m slacking on my goals.

Oh. Did I just admit I have goals under there? I just like to hide them so y’all can’t call me on my slacking. Maybe that would be my buddy system? How many of you would be willing to come back at least once a week to tell me I need to get moving on my goals if I posted both the goals and my progress on them?

I’m sure it’s just a temporary slump. My monkey-toddler keeps me busy with so many creative ways to do things I hadn’t thought of, sometimes I just sit after I put her to nap or sleep because it’s hard to get up again.

How do you accomplish your goals? Is there someone pushing you, or do you manage just fine with your own motivation?

2 thoughts on “The Buddy System

  1. Goals? What are these goals you speak of?

    I’m in a cianano critique group, and we’re all working on reworking our nano novels (tho I don’t suppose they HAVE to be nano novels) If you’re looking for more eyes on your book, I can see if we have room for one more (monkey toddler may be allowed to join too).

    Otherwise, we could buddy up in person, or online. I’ve got a great back yard, and a monkey midget that would love to have some company…

  2. That would be great, Shawna. Swipe the goals under the rug if you must! If your monkey midget teachers my monkey toddler new tricks, or vice versa, I deny culpability.

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