Organization, Continued

I’m still struggling with my plan to organize the tasks that need to be done around here. Everyone struggles with the part where there are so many things to do and yet only 24 hours in a day.

Anyone else want to sign the petition for the 30-hour day? I’m dedicating my extra six to sleep or something else equally fulfilling.

On my path to organization, this week I cleaned my office. It’s not done yet, but I have more uncluttered floorspace than I might have ever had in this room since I moved in. The books are on the shelves, though I still have a list of things I’d like to accomplish for that, too.

I dream big. It’s how I accomplish as much as I do – I keep failing to achieve all I want to do, so I try harder. Determination is good in this sense because failure doesn’t mean you stop trying. Just mark it down like the great inventors – you found one more way that doesn’t work.

My brain isn’t big enough to carry a list of everything I want and need to do around with me, but a paper and pen list (scratched off as I complete it) is enough to focus me for what I need to do. Most of the time the list only covers what I need for the day, but I’ve started making notes for items farther out so I know what’s coming.

Most of you who’ve met me or heard about my collection of digital gadgets might wonder why I don’t use one of those or even something on my computer. The computer doesn’t travel with me, and I really like having the list on me to mark off what I finished and see what’s next. The iPad often travels with me, but I just haven’t found an app that works for me that way.

Plus there is definitely something satisfying about crossing something off. It’s finished and it shows progress. at the end of the day, I can see half my list completed, though I generally have to add items I did that I don’t think about at the beginning of the day. It also makes it easier to see that, yes, I did complete something today.

What methods do you use to keep yourself on track?

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