And Add an Inch

It’s odd advice that I received from a non-writer friend of mine, but it’s very pointed and helpful. I need a little bit of extra on one part of the short story, but not a lot. She guesstimated it would add an inch to the story (which is less than 1000 words).

I find it very interesting to get advice that way. It was more specific than I thought it would be, and it’s great.

It’ll be submitted in no time. Sometimes it’s better to get an opinion from someone other than another writer. [Though I’m not knocking writers- they give me wonderful help.]

2 thoughts on “And Add an Inch

  1. That is interesting advice. I don’t really have non-writers to read my stories, unless I started handing it out to family. All my friends are writers to some degree or another. I normally wouldn’t send to family, but my sister wants to work as an editor/agent so I might send to her the YA mutant one.

    It does help sometimes to get feedback from readers instead of just writers(who also read but you know what I mean). *nods*

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