If you write it, who will read it?

At the most basic level, this question is directed to the writer. Who are you going to share your work with? I’m guessing you’re going to share it with the people you know. This probably includes your friends and family, as well as a critique group and online reviewers if you belong to those communities. Some writers don’t.

Others aim for larger audiences. I hesitate to say higher, because if you’re happy with your audience you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s not a higher goal if you’re not attempting to do something bigger.

These larger audiences are often reached through publication. There are several options, including traditional publication, POD, self-publication, and others. What do I mean by others? Blogging is a form of published work. I’d say the blog itself is self-published, but I have an audience. [If you’d like to disagree with that statement, please leave a comment below.]

When you’re reaching for that larger audience, marketing and promotion are required. Word of mouth with friends and family will only get you so far. Social networking might go farther, but you’ll have to be careful not to get sucked into the time wasting activities also associated with them. Repeat: I will not play Facebook games!

One of the hardest parts about writing for young adults is I know so few of them. How are we supposed to spread by word of mouth without knowing our audience? Well, I do know people who know my targets. I have friends with kids the right age. It’s just going to be a constant struggle to stay in the age as I get older. And yes, I have come to terms with the fact that I will continue getting older.

One of the most fun parts about writing for young adults is that the stories are so amazing to tell. I know, that’s just my opinion – but why else would you be here if not to read that? Thanks for being part of my audience.

7 thoughts on “If you write it, who will read it?

  1. Hi! I enjoyed your post very much! If you have a minute, I’d like to invite you to visit my blog as well. Since I launched last November 4, my posts have covered all of the issues you mentioned today. So I’d really enjoy having a conversation with you. All the best. –Cheri

  2. Amazing how many of us are talking about the same thing, and sometimes it feels like we’re all talking to each other because some people never listen.

  3. It also depends on what you’re writing. Trying to gain an audience for a professionally published book is different than getting an audience for an online article, although both can be equally challenging.

    I think it’s good to aim for a large audience. People don’t write just for themselves, or at least they shouldn’t. I just started my blog and I post because my head will explode if I don’t get rid of my thoughts occasionally. I think everyone can learn something from someone else, so I release my thoughts online in the hopes that someone may learn something from me.

    If you’re ever curious about what people are interested in, you can look at Google trends. Today “tito ortiz domestic violence” is number one, although I think I’ll only post about popular search terms if I’m interested in it.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to promote myself. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. For one thing, I wouldn’t hop on every trend that has popularity at this moment. Yes, you might get a few visitors from the domestic violence, but that’s not your target audience.

    Well, maybe that IS your target audience. I’d start be defining who the audience is you want to reach- and only getting that percentage. That’s going to be who wants your books, your blog, whatever you’re selling.

    Maybe I’ll talk more about that this week. 😀

  5. I would like to add one clarification. POD, print on demand or digital printing, is not a form of publishing but a type of printing process/technology. I know some people use POD as if a type of publishing such as self-publishing, but it isn’t. It is technology only.

    Good post.

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