I made another attempt to get an appearance at Prairie Lights in Iowa City. I’m making progress, but the lady isn’t very enthusiastic about it.

Mom talked about one that was ‘very successful’ that had a party attached to it. An open house wouldn’t be too difficult, if only I knew where to have one and what to do.

I’m curious, so I’m posing the question to my readers: What do you look for in an author appearance? What would bring you in, make you stay, and – more important in the store’s eyes – buy the book?

4 thoughts on “Bookstore

  1. Food is usually a good draw, but the author’d have to pay for it, and the bookstore might have rules about what one could or could not have.

  2. Giveaways, maybe. I think doing something that might target the adults, but also suggest that they bring along their kids, might help. Maybe some sort of mother-daughter art party. Teenagers like to pick out their own books, so remember them too.

  3. Pretty much, if the book interests me, then I want to see the author. Although I do like the mother/daughter idea (even though I have no daughters!)

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