I made another attempt to get an appearance at Prairie Lights in Iowa City. I’m making progress, but the lady isn’t very enthusiastic about it.

Mom talked about one that was ‘very successful’ that had a party attached to it. An open house wouldn’t be too difficult, if only I knew where to have one and what to do.

I’m curious, so I’m posing the question to my readers: What do you look for in an author appearance? What would bring you in, make you stay, and – more important in the store’s eyes – buy the book?


I find myself needing to stay away from bookstores. The temptation to go and liberate them to a new and loving home is too great sometimes. I can’t even say a certain section is worse than the others; most of them draw me in.

That’s part of the reason I have a ‘library’ in my home. That, and when we moved in the room just begged to house my books. Two walls are nearly filled with bookshelves, and most of the bookshelves are stuffed with books.

What can I say? I’ve always loved the written word. I’m trying to leave a shelf open for my works; there isn’t much on it right now, but I have high hopes.

Except too man trips to the bookstore may require a re-evaluation at some point. So many things to learn inside: calligraphy, feng shui, yoga, Star Wars, classic cars, science fiction and fantasy worlds to explore, romances to share, mysteries to solve. Each enriches my world and my writing.

Countless topics yet to be explored draw me to the bookstore again. They may or may not show up in future writings, but I’m challenging myself not to have all my main characters be artists or wannabe artists. It shouldn’t be hard with as many research boks I have on hand, but I might have to pick up another book or two – just in case!

That reminds me: I need to get out the books I was building the science fiction world with, and finish it.