Novel Outline Template

A friend was looking for a template to outline a novel. Made me really think about these, but I’ve never used one. I started looking for one, but I don’t see anything like it.

I saw something similar on the software I plugged last week – They had templates for everything, including one called Hero’s Journey that you can see without purchasing the thing.

Does it make you wonder about novels written off templates? Are they the same? It feels like they ought to be different because each novelist takes a different tactic. Or is it part of the outlining process that makes things unique for each project?

I suppose we ought to remember this quote from the one site I did skim, “novelists are 20 times more likely to finish a novel with an outline than without one.” It definitely makes me think that outlining is worth the effort.

I’m sure next time I start a project I’ll finish the outline first! (Did I just say that out loud?)

2 thoughts on “Novel Outline Template

  1. My outlines are really bullet points of stuff I would like to accomplish within the story. I don’t go into character development or plot diagramming. Those bullet points are sure handy thought. Definitely keep me on track.

  2. I came across your post, having just posted on outlining myself! I use Scrivener for Mac, and there’s now a Windows version available in beta. These aren’t templates so much as the provision of cork boards within the writing software, but it works a treat. I agree outlining is essential.

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