On Naming, Con’t.

The other problem I run into with names, is I am so picky about naming my characters.

For characters I like, they have to have a name that sounds one way and very appealing to my ears. (I can’t speak for my readers, but I’m sure they’ll have their say at some point.) For characters I don’t like so much, there must be names with a slightly different sound, but generally not a name I hate.

I know other author friends of mine use different techniques from random name generators to asking others to setting up polls to see what a character would be like. I’m often one to pipe up with a random name idea, and sometimes I get to see my naming efforts put into action. Names are a hobby of mine, and I enjoy them.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll run out of names. I don’t like to give main characters too similar of names. However, it is a great place to use all those possibilities that I might have named a child if only I could get it past my husband. It might be a personal thing for me, but I didn’t want to name a character in a book and then my child the same thing, so I keep certain names in reserve.

For my latest novel attempt, one of the protagonists is named Allegra. It’s a beautiful name; it’s even with the trends because of the Italian derivation, but my husband hates it – if only because it has an allergy medicine associate with it. Dang pharmaceutical commercials! If not for you – I could’ve had an Allegra! As with all compromises, we’re working toward something else. No one can stop me from having Allegra live on as a character in my book, though.

Well, perhaps a publisher if that were the only stumbling block!


3 thoughts on “On Naming, Con’t.

  1. I have fun with names. I have two baby naming books on my bookshelf that I flip through when I want something better than Bobby or Jack. My favorite character’s name has been Kiki. Not totally original, but it told a lot of her character without going into a laundry list description.

  2. I have a hard time with names, but it varies with the gender. With boy names it’s difficult to find one I like that I haven’t used that isn’t overly common. With girls… well, let’s be honest, I rarely have girl characters. I’m working on that.

    I have girls names I like for children, but not so much for boys even though I’d actually love to have a little boy.

  3. You can always name the cat Allegra too! 😉

    Jamie, my daughter’s imaginary friend’s name is Galaxy. Galaxy has a little sister named Keykui. That would be pronounced Kiki. Go figure.

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