Novel Writing Software…

Wow, if I had a novel for every one of these that came along… Well, suppose I have that many ideas, just don’t -yet- have time to write them all down.

This one is Microsoft’s version of the software, updated to Office 2007. Read here.

I will admit it has a couple fancy features. Novel templates might be interesting, but they also may encourage more beginning novelists to follow a formula more closely than they otherwise would. Who am I to say, though?

This one, unlike most of the others I’ve highlighted, isn’t free. It says you don’t need another word-processing software to use it. Better not, if you have to pay for it. Among the cooler features is one to assess readability and reader age, as well as an ability to record submissions to agents.

One thought on “Novel Writing Software…

  1. It looks like one of the better programs out there. I still won’t buy it. I have three books under my belt without it. I think I can figure it out.

    Still, if it would make the process faster, I am not apposed.

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