Using Your Words

That reminds me of some of those movies where a mother-figure attempts to teach the children about swearing so they use other ways to express themselves.

It means something different to me as a writer. The pursuit of words keeps me occupied for hours. Some of them are common. Others are overused (and I do my best to fix that when I find the little buggers). A few are oddities that I stretch to find the proper fit for the picture in my head.

I don’t think it matters if you write for adults or for children – the audience can still learn and grow with your words. The comment on some of the words I use in the critique. One man loved that I used the word ‘hied.’ Another didn’t understand my use of the word tattoo – not meaning the graphic art on skin, but the pulsating beat definition.

The meaning must be clear, but using unfamiliar words isn’t the most important thing to me. Why is it that most adult fiction books are written at an 8th grade level for vocabulary? It’s not like the majority of the audience hasn’t completed higher education…

Just another thing to ponder.

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