Thinking about the Future

In more ways than one…

The anthology theme that just began is “Destination: Future” which sounds like a lot of fun. I’m definitely letting that one rumble in my head for awhile. Let’s hope something cool pops out of that!

The other reason I’m thinking about the future is my writing meeting did an exercise on how we wanted to be introduced. There weren’t very many of us, so we went around the room (with microphone in hand) to give a short introduction that we wrote ourselves, but someone else read and sometimes ad-libbed.

Then we handed in the papers with dates for a goals list. Mine might be more realistic than some, but I didn’t hand that in. I made a different goals sheet with about a year’s worth of goals. More than likely I won’t complete all of them, but they are goals I am consistently working toward. I track my progress and keep them defined in terms that are quantifiable and meaningful.

It makes me really want to buckle down and do things to see them printed out in front of me, but these things take time. Somehow, everything takes time!

2 thoughts on “Thinking about the Future

  1. Time is not, as the song claims, always on your side, is it? I certainly know how that feels! But keeping your goal quantifiable, and realistic, is always a good idea. And it feels great crossing out or otherwise marking those suckers as DONE! 😀

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