You Don’t Know Me Yet –

I had fun today. I finally connected to the writers in my new local area. It took me too long, but considering all the moving plus baby stuff, I think it was good to get there now – before the next move. (It’s just a little move from this temporary place into a house, but it’s still fraught with anxiety. All moves are.)

One of the things I love about writing groups is how being connected to them reconnects me to my projects. Another is hearing all the great things they bring to share.

They talked about a future meeting and it’s hard to realize we’ll be moving into our new home that day. I’m excited about the new house, but a little sad to be missing part of thisĀ groupĀ just as I connected with them.

Maybe I also needed a new perspective. I mean, I’ve been working on this piece and that for a while, and every group gives something a little different where feedback is concerned. And the new perspective makes me very excited to dig into the project again. If only I had time. I’m about to start packing for this next move!

They’re very encouraging, and I wonder how old they think I am. I get the feeling they don’t think I’ve done this much before, but I can’t be certain. The age groups seem to be either older or quite young. And by quite young, I mean two of them were about high school aged. Interesting, but good.

It also makes me feel a little more at home, now that I found where some writers congregate. It’s funny the things that make us feel like we’re in the right place, but that seems to be one of them for me.

But I think I know what I want to take next time I have a chance to write. And it’s exciting!

Thinking about the Future

In more ways than one…

The anthology theme that just began is “Destination: Future” which sounds like a lot of fun. I’m definitely letting that one rumble in my head for awhile. Let’s hope something cool pops out of that!

The other reason I’m thinking about the future is my writing meeting did an exercise on how we wanted to be introduced. There weren’t very many of us, so we went around the room (with microphone in hand) to give a short introduction that we wrote ourselves, but someone else read and sometimes ad-libbed.

Then we handed in the papers with dates for a goals list. Mine might be more realistic than some, but I didn’t hand that in. I made a different goals sheet with about a year’s worth of goals. More than likely I won’t complete all of them, but they are goals I am consistently working toward. I track my progress and keep them defined in terms that are quantifiable and meaningful.

It makes me really want to buckle down and do things to see them printed out in front of me, but these things take time. Somehow, everything takes time!

Writing Meetings

I attended my writer’s group this week. Usually my mother is there, too, but this time she didn’t make it because the weather kept her out of town an extra day.

These are wonderful tools for writers for many reasons. First, I get read something to the group and listen to their feedback. They started me on editing my latest project, the novel I finished last month with the working title Dreams. Second, I get to listen to all of their submissions and critique.

Listening to their writings requires a good ear. The first time I went, I was amazed how well they could do that. I’d never tried to offer opinions on something I’d heard aloud. I’d always been able to read the piece and then mark it up. Unfortunately, my brain still wants to mull things over and I often don’t catch things I might have if given more time. I have learned to add more to discussions and I’ve noticed it gets easier. I’m starting to hear things in my own pieces when I’m reading them, as well. It makes me understand why people tell you to read it aloud before sending it somewhere. I haven’t always done this, and I still struggle with reading aloud to myself at home.

I have learned it isn’t the same to stare at the writing on the paper and just say the words in your head. I think it’s something about actually speaking the words into the air and making your ear hear them. It’d be an interesting experiment to run if we had a way to see how the brain worked while doing both.