Whenever I write a new piece, I want to share it if I think it’s good. I get really excited about some things as I finish them, and I eagerly await the time when my friends can read it.

Then they try to tell me what I want to know, which is how to make it better. Some of them do better than others. All of the things they say about it are valuable to me. I want to know how they felt about it and whether a certain part got confusing. A few even can get into the nitty grammar details that sometimes bog me down. (Do I use ‘s after first names ending in s for possessive? Answers may vary.)

I struggle with the proper questions so I can get the information I really want. Is it enough if someone likes it? Does the hook work? Is the main character likeable enough? Eventually I find a happy medium between what I want to say and how it comes across to others – then I submit it somewhere.

Sometimes this method even works.

3 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I have three people I bounce stories off of when I think they need the help (and some need it more than others) I may not take their suggestions but I do appreciate the feedback.

  2. I usually work with other writers to get my work reviewed. Working with friends or family doesn’t always give me the information that I want. They’re too nice so that they won’t hurt my feelings. When I ask for reviews I am generally looking for constructive feedback.

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