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Sept 19 stops:
Beverly Stowe McClure
Beverly’s Other Blog
I think I like blogspot better since you don’t have to be a member of their network to post a comment, but the squirrel-monster comment line on the other one is more amusing.

Joyce Anthony has today and two more days left at her blog to explore Trockle, and on Sept 21 the last stop is Karen Syed.

How many ways are there to look at a picture book? Seems like there are as many as people to start looking at it. I find it easier to write for children a little older so far, or for adults. The more I’m looking at picture books by my publisher, the more I want to write one on my own. It’s a challenge in my head to put the right pictures with the words; an illustrator makes the pictures, but there needs to be enough information for her to manage that. Maybe one day, but probably not today.

2 thoughts on “Trockle Blog Tour…

  1. I like Blogger because it does everything for me and I’m lazy like that.

    If you ever do write a picture book, I’d buy it!

  2. Hi! I think the trick to writing a picture book is to think visually – really see the scene in your mind. Never think that writing for children is easy, just because children’s books use simple, straightforward language. The worst thing you can do is to talk down to kids or underestimate them. The second worst thing is to assume they could or would read “War and Peace.” (Although I did find it interesting to watch my son, when he was ten, struggle to read Toqueville’s “Democracy in America,” he only slogged through 35 pages before giving up in favor of Harry Potter.) Kids are smart, savvy, and have the attention span of a New York acquisitions editor. If you lose them in the first paragraph, they probably won’t come back.

    Hopefully that hasn’t scared you off trying, though. If you have or know any kids, you have your test market right at hand – and they’re usually fairly kind but bluntly honest, at that age.

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