When Streaks Break

Today is the last day in August, and I have missed only 4 days writing this month. I’m proud of myself, because in July I think I missed more days than I wrote. As of today, I have a 13 day streak! I know that’s a lot different from when I was in the thousands of days, but this year is different.

Mom’s house is on the market. I’m slowly integrating the things that are hers into my house, which I’d only moved into last November. I’m not exactly sure where everything goes that we brought then, so I’ve had to go through things a few times this summer just getting my head around things. Finally I left it all in piles because I just couldn’t.

Story ideas are still popping in around the edges, but I haven’t been writing them all out yet. School starts tomorrow, and I also leave for WorldCon tomorrow.

The hardest part of breaking a streak can be getting it back together. I wrote only one day in March, and I gave myself permission for that. Today is 13 days and counting, and more ideas for things to write out soon.


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