It’s taking time to get used to my new city, and all of the new things associated with it. I’m not done finding things, but I am getting a bunch of them scheduled.

Lesson learned about myself? Too many phone calls with strangers can be draining, where phone calls with friends and family are not. It’s surprising, I know, but it is a thing to consider when I’m making a bunch of phone calls to all the contractors for my new home.

The pattern my family has established is to sell the house while living in temporary housing in our new community, then look and buy a house in our new area. It’s a great way to go through it. Though this time we didn’t quite match the school district we will stay in, and that’s hard.

My new house is exciting, though. I’m checking off the boxes slowly but surely. And- I’ve been writing. It’s hard when every day is filled with a bunch of things where my kid’s anxiety triggers my own. Silver lining – we’re getting better care for that here.

The writing is exciting. It’s been an adjustment, but I think I’m finding something. It feels good, even if part of it is only snippets. Snippets still feel good for expressing thoughts and feelings and finding whether a story is in there. Something longer, or if it is better as a simple vignette for understanding a concept that’s been locked.

I find there can be value in all kinds of writings, whether they’re true or completely impossible.

3 thoughts on “Moving is Difficult.

  1. Snippets are a good way of approaching writing, especially when you’re not in the mindset to tackle long works. However, snippets can be combined into larger stories as well, which work great. I myself am a snippet person. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Cos! Hope all is well with you and your new move. Was just thinking about your book. Our girls are finally in the same grade as Janie. I must’ve read it to them….5 years ago. Still super proud of you, Cos.
    Love, and other indoor sports,

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