I have been writing on since 2011 – 8 years on the first. The goal was to make three million words by my anniversary, and I did.

A good portion of it was in pursuit of novels – either preparing for them or drafting them or sometimes edits.

I spent part of April figuring out how to take on the next edits on this book. Part of that break from the novel was also figuring out something different, changing perspective, allowing it time to breathe. Me, too. That’s what we need.

Then I started looking at one of the characters and writing a different part of his story outside the book. I’m not quite sure how it fits at the moment, but it’s been fun. There may be a ton of library books on the table by the couch, too, because that’s how I check them out. I might be teaching my kids to do that, too. It’s always been about the books. It probably always will be.

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