Must Be About the Weather

I live in the Midwest. The weather is often a topic of conversation, and it’s also an excuse.

Today was an unexpected day in February if we were talking about previous years. Another day above 50 degF with a little bit of rain. No winter coats in sight and I’m not even sure where the mittens and warm hats have gone.

So when fewer people were at the gym for a class today, we blamed the weather. We’d have blamed it if more showed up, too. We look around quizzically and everything is always about the weather.

Everyone has to get out and enjoy the good weather while it lasts, and the coming snow is always hanging over our heads.

So I haven’t been blogging because of the weather. I’ve been writing (and editing) and that’s been taking up my time. It’s hard to hope for snow when the kids will want to go play in it and it’s hard to hope for warm days when we want to play at the park. Does anyone ever hope for a good old-fashioned rainstorm that doesn’t include a tornado warning?

Also, randomly, I think I need a pet. Suggestions in comments, please. I’d have a cat already if the husband weren’t allergic.

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